Training, Consulting and Monitoring

The cost of defending an employment lawsuit can be expensive in terms of monetary cost, impact to the workforce, and the organization’s public reputation.  Often these lawsuits arise as the consequence of poorly written policies and/or a poorly trained workforce.  In our consulting practice, our primary goal is to enable clients to avoid litigation through education, training, awareness and protocols. 

We assist employers in establishing clear, unambiguous anti-discrimination and harassment policies that unmistakably prohibit harassment, discrimination and retaliation.  We work with employers to create policies that contain an effective complaint process, investigation process, and corrective action.

Clear policies are not effective if employees are not adequately trained.  We offer training sessions that are tailored to non-management and management employees.  Our training session for management employees uses interactive learning tools to teach supervisors what constitutes discrimination, harassment and retaliation and how to interview, hire, evaluate, discipline and terminate employees in a lawful, non-discriminatory manner.  Our management-centered training sessions also use a combination of role-play and presentations to teach supervisors what to do if an employee alleges that he/she has suffered discrimination or harassment at work. 

Our training sessions for employees also concentrates on what constitutes unlawful discrimination/harassment.  It also trains employees on the company’s discrimination/harassment policies and the reporting procedure an employee should use if they feel they are the victim of unlawful conduct.   Depending on the work setting, we also concentrate on dispelling the myth that harassment or discrimination is acceptable in certain work environments (manufacturing lines, warehouses, etc.).  It is our mission to ensure that employees who leave our training session cannot claim ignorance if they later engage in unlawful discrimination/harassment.